If You’re Reading This…I Love You ♥️

Today is Valentine’s Day & our timelines are being flooded with outward expressions of love. Pictures of couples, announcements of engagements and babies. Flowers, cards, candy, balloons, flowers…red and pink alllll over the place! If you know me, you know that my Hopeless Romantic self is INTO it! 🥰

I legit love to see it. I adore the mushy-ness of it. Some aren’t really into the day and I get it. I get one should celebrate and show love to their Love every day not just on Valentine’s Day. I get that the day can be triggering for some too. However, I think love is worth honoring, in an outward kind of way. Especially during times where it seems like love is so rare. So here’s a few of my favorite lovey dovey things:

  1. I adore the way a person looks at the one they love. 😍 There’s a contentment in their eyes that says “wow, this person really is amazing.” It’s a subtle thing. It’s like time has stopped & the only person they see, no matter what is going on around them, is their love; allowing themselves to be completely wrapped up in the moment. That look that T’challa gives Nakia at the very end of Black Panther after she basically saved the whole damn thing…THAT one. 

2. Trust:  The ability to trust someone with your heart, especially if that trust has been violated in the past is a super power that is beautiful. The hope of it all is what makes it so human to me.

3. The “safe space.” Love should be the safe space, a protective coating from the world. I look at my beautiful friends & family & am so grateful that their love allows me to be my full self. It’s the kind of love that when we walk outside into the world, we often long for but know we won’t receive. The world forces us to put on a protective coating so that we can not only live but survive. When love is real, I mean really real, the coating melts away before you even have the time to pick it back up. The kind of love you deserve is the kind that celebrates you fully and wholly.

4. My Hopeless Romantic Movie List:

Hitch: I mean it’s Will Smith at his most charming. 

Brown Sugar: “When did you first fall in love with hip hop?” 😎

The Brothers: Early 2000’s Black Excellence at it’s FINE-est. 🖤

A Low Down Dirty Shame: I don’t wanna hear it, there’s a love story in there. 🙃

Coming to America: It’s a classic! “I renounce my throne!” 🤴🏽👸🏾

I’m ending my evening by going to see The Photograph. Then I’m going home to watch the premiere of Cherish the Day. I suggest y’all curl up with the one you love (yes, that includes yourself because me too🤗) & do the same. Soak in all the lovey, dovey, mushy, sappiness…it’s good for the skin!  I love you all and I hope this made you smile. Happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you. And remember, if you’re reading this…I love you! 💚



Dré xoxo

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